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The ABCs of AGCO Licensing for Ontario Businesses

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AGCO stands for Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario. It is responsible for regulating the sale, service, and consumption of alcohol, cannabis, and gaming in the province. If you are planning to start a business in Ontario that involves any of these activities, then you need to apply for an AGCO license. In this blog post, we will provide you with the ABCs of AGCO licensing for Ontario businesses.

Types of AGCO Licenses

Alcohol Licenses

  • Licenses for Retail Stores
  • Licenses for Manufacturers
  • Licenses for Special Occasions

Cannabis Licenses

  • Licenses for Retail Stores
  • Licenses for Producers
  • Licenses for Micro-Cultivators and Micro-Processors

Gaming Licenses

  • Licenses for Charitable Gaming
  • Licenses for Lottery Retailers
  • Licenses for Casinos and Slot Operations

Application Process

Step 1: Determine the Type of License You Need

Before applying for an AGCO license, you need to determine the type of license you need. This will depend on the nature of your business and the activities you will be engaging in. You can find information about the different types of licenses on the AGCO website.

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Step 2: Gather Required Documentation

Once you have determined the type of license you need, you will need to gather the required documentation. This will include things like a business plan, financial statements, and criminal record checks for the owners and directors of the business.

Step 3: Submit Your Application

After gathering all the required documentation, you can submit your application online or by mail. The AGCO will review your application and may request additional information or clarification. It is important to ensure that your application is complete and accurate to avoid any delays in the process.


Obtaining an AGCO license is a crucial step for any business in Ontario that involves the sale, service, or consumption of alcohol, cannabis, or gaming. By following the ABCs of AGCO licensing outlined in this blog post, you can ensure that your application process goes smoothly and that you are able to operate your business legally and responsibly. Contact Substance Law to learn more about AGCO licensing and how we can help you navigate the legal requirements for your business.

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