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What is Site Plan Control in Ontario

What is Site Plan Control in Ontario?

Understanding Site Plan Control Definition and Purpose Site plan control is a regulatory process used by municipalities in Ontario to ensure that developments meet certain standards of design and functionality. The purpose of this control is to harmonize new developments with their surroundings, improve the aesthetics and utility of areas, and protect the environment. Site...

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Bonded vs Sufferance Warehouses in Canada

Customs Bonded vs Sufferance Warehouses in Canada

Understanding Bonded Warehouses in Canada Definition and Purpose A customs bonded warehouse is a storage facility licensed by the CBSA where imported goods are stored without the immediate payment of duties. These warehouses allow businesses to hold both imported goods awaiting clearance and domestic goods waiting to be exported. This classification provides businesses with the...

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How Are Crypto Exchanges Regulated in Canada

How Are Crypto Exchanges Regulated in Canada?

Overview of Cryptocurrency Exchange Regulations in Canada Registration Requirements In Canada, cryptocurrency exchanges are treated similarly to money service businesses, necessitating stringent registration requirements. This includes due diligence, reporting, verification, and record keeping. Every cryptocurrency exchange must register with FinTRAC, ensuring they meet the necessary standards to operate legally within the country. Please note: If...

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