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What is Continuance of a Corporation in Canada?

Continuance of a corporation in Canada refers to the process by which a corporation moves its jurisdiction of incorporation from one Canadian province or territory to another. This legal and administrative procedure involves various requirements and considerations that impact the corporation’s structure, governance, and tax obligations. Understanding the implications of continuance is crucial for corporations...

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How To Prepare Annual Filings and Resolutions as a Canadian Corporation

In this article, we will explore the essential steps for Canadian corporations to prepare their annual filings and resolutions. Understanding the filing requirements, financial statements, and director and officer information is crucial for compliance and transparency. Additionally, we will discuss the significance of preparing shareholder resolutions and ensuring compliance with regulatory authorities. Key Takeaways Annual...

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How To Draft a Term Sheet

Drafting a term sheet is a crucial step in the investment process that outlines the key terms and conditions of a potential deal between investors and a company. It serves as a blueprint for the future relationship and sets the foundation for further negotiations. Understanding the key components, negotiation strategies, and legal considerations in drafting...

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