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Political Exposed Persons (PEP)

What Are Politically Exposed Persons (PEP)?

Understanding the Definition of Politically Exposed Persons Origins and Evolution of the PEP Concept The concept of politically exposed persons (PEPs) has evolved significantly since its inception. Initially focused on individuals holding key public roles, the definition has expanded to include their families and close associates, primarily due to the increased risk of money laundering...

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FINTRAC Suspicious Transaction Reports

Guide to FINTRAC Suspicious Transaction Reports

Understanding Suspicious Transaction Reports What is a Suspicious Transaction Report A Suspicious Transaction Report (STR) is a critical tool in the fight against financial crimes, including money laundering and terrorist financing. It is a mandatory report submitted to FINTRAC when there are reasonable grounds to suspect a transaction is linked to criminal activity. The ability...

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What is a Health Canada Product Monograph

What is a Health Canada Product Monograph?

Understanding the Purpose of a Health Canada Product Monograph Definition and Importance A Health Canada Product Monograph is a scientific document that describes the properties, claims, indications, and conditions of use for a drug and provides information on its safe and effective use. This document is crucial for healthcare providers and patients to understand the...

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