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What is a liquor licence and Why do you need it

In today’s society, the sale and consumption of alcohol are regulated activities. Whether you are a bar owner, a restaurant manager, or an event organizer, understanding the importance of a liquor license is crucial. A liquor license is a legal document that allows establishments to sell alcoholic beverages within specific parameters, such as time restrictions,...

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liquor licence control act Canada 2024

The Liquor Licence Control Act Canada 2024 is set to bring about significant changes and amendments to the regulations governing the sale and consumption of alcohol in the country. This article explores the key transformations initiated by this legislation, the role of local government in its enforcement, the measures taken to address public safety concerns,...

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Cannabis Versus Alcohol Regulations in Canada

Originally Posted on LinkedIn here: “Look at that alcoholic beverage… isn’t THAT appealing to kids?” “Why can beer companies do this but cannabis companies can’t? “Cannabis shouldn’t be regulated more strictly than alcohol!” We’ve all heard that line of thinking. And frankly, it’s not the kind of reasoning that will make regulators agree with...

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