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Can I Sell Vapes in Convenience Stores in Ontario

Can I Sell Vapes in Convenience Stores in Ontario?

Regulations on Selling Vapes in Ontario Convenience Stores Age Restrictions In Ontario, the sale of vapes and related products in convenience stores is strictly regulated, particularly concerning age restrictions. The law mandates that customers must be at least 19 years old to purchase vaping products. This is in line with the province’s legal smoking age,...

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vape seller age limit

Age Verification Requirements to Apply to Online Vape Sellers in Canada

Health Canada has announced that it intends to amend the Tobacco (Access) Regulations to require some sort of age verification for the online sales of tobacco and vaping products.     This follows potential measures outlined by Health Canada in 2019, including: • Requiring that online retailers post information advising prospective customers that the sale of...

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vaping versus cannabis law

Age-Gates in Vaping Versus Cannabis Law in Canada

Yesterday we talked about “age-gates” and how for cannabis promotions by telecommunications under the Cannabis Act, one must take “reasonable steps” to ensure the promotion cannot be accessed by youth. And while simple self-attestation/age-gates are the norm in cannabis, and the feds have never made a statement that categorically states these are non-compliant, they HAVE...

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