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Get a Cannabis Micro-Cultivation, Micro Grow Micro Processing Licence in Canada

Cannabis Micro-Cultivationn (micro grow) and micro-processing licenses in Canada are a relatively new type of license that allow for the production of controlled amounts of cannabis.

To get a microcultivation (micro-grow licence) or microprocessing license, you must apply to Health Canada and meet certain requirements.

These requirements include having a total canopy that is not larger than 200 square meters. In addition, you must have a security plan that meets government standards and have access to reliable electricity and water supplies.

Starting a micro cultivation business in Canada can be a rewarding way to make your mark in the industry and build your own cannabis brand.

Micro-processing licence Ontario
Micro Processing Licence in Ontario

Here are some frequently asked questions ad answer you need to be aware of when applying for a micro-cultivation licence.

Do I need to make sure my property is zoned correctly for my micro-cultivation application?

The zoning requirements vary from province to province, but you will need to check with the local municipality for specifics. If you need to construct a building or make any material alterations to an existing building, you must also obtain a building permit from the local municipality. You can confirm the zoning eligibility of your property by requesting a Zoning Certificate for your site. If the situation requires, you may need to apply for a site-specific bylaw to exempt you from a certain by-law if your property otherwise is not zoned for cannabis cultivation. A Cannabis lawyer can help you out with this.

How do you get a security clearance for micro-cultivation facilities in Canada?

In order to obtain a cannabis licence in Canada, including micro-cultivation and micro-processing licences, businesses must first get security clearance from the government for a number of individuals in the organization, including all directors, officers, Responsible Person in Charge, Master Grower, and Head of Security. If you are applying for a processing licence you will also need to have a security cleared Quality Assurance Person. This process can be long and complicated, but it’s important to understand what’s required in order to make the application process as smooth as possible. The first step in the process of getting security clearance for a cannabis licence is to fill out an application. This form contains personal information and can take a lot of time to complete, so it’s important to get it right the first time.

What is the difference between a micro-cultivation and micro-processing licence?

When it comes to cannabis production in Canada, there are two main types of micro-level licences: micro-cultivation and micro-processing. Both licences allow for the production of cannabis for medical purposes, but there are some key differences between the two. The main difference between these licences is that a micro-processing licence allows for the extraction of cannabinoids from cannabis plants, while a micro-cultivation licence does not. A micro-cultivation licence allows for the cultivation of cannabis plants in a space that is less than 200 square metres, while a micro-processing licence allows for processing that cannabis into other forms such as extracts, edibles, beverages, and topicals. In addition, you will need a processing licence to package any class of Canada for final retail sale. Thus, many micro-cultivation applicant also apply for a micro-processing licence for the same site.

Do I need to notify location authorities of my application to Health Canada?

Yes. All Health Canada licence applicants must provide to a senior official of the following local authorities.
• the local government
• the local fire authority
• the local police force or Royal Canadian Mounted Police detachment (RCMP) that is responsible for providing policing services to that area

How much does it cost to start a micro cannabis facility?

In addition, there is an annual regulatory fee – the greater of (1) $2,500 and (2) 1% for cannabis revenue of $1 million or less, and 2.3% on any cannabis revenue in excess of $1 million. Note that these fees are ONLY for micro-level licences. If you are applying for a standard-level licence, including a nursery licence, the fees are higher.
Micro-cultivation of cannabis in Canada
Micro-cultivation of cannabis in Canada
Cannabis Micro-Cultivation and Micro-Processing Licence Lawyer 1

You deserve a dependable and reliable lawyer on your side. Harrison Jordan is a Toronto-based lawyer assisting business with their cannabis cultivation and processing licensing needs, including dealing with Health Canada matters and applications for Health Canada licences – both micro and standard level. Call him at +1 647 371 0032 or email him today. He’ll get back to you as soon as he can.

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