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What is Grabba

Grabba is a tobacco product that has carved out a niche in smoking culture, particularly among cannabis users who mix it with marijuana to create spliffs and blunts. HotHead Grabba is a brand that has gained attention in the unlicensed market, boasting about its ‘clean’ tobacco. However, the brand has been mired in controversy, with...

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NHP Licence to sell Nicotine Pouches, Tablets, Gum, Lozenges and Buccal Products in Canada

Discover the comprehensive guide to obtaining a NHP (Natural Health Product) licence to sell nicotine pouches, tablets, gum, and buccal products in Canada.

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Licence To Legally Sell Grabba or Fronto Leaf in Canada

Discover why hiring a lawyer is crucial when selling Grabba or Fronto Leaf in Ontario, Canada.

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